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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Channel Islands, north of Los Angeles

The Channels Islands are a series of islands found off the coast of Southern California. Pictured above is Anacapa Island.

While there are technically eight different islands, the Channel Islands usually refer to the four northwestern most islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel.

Last December I had some work related meetings in Ventura County, an hour up the coast from Los Angeles. Above, a close-up of Anacapa.
The clearing winter storms made for some dramatic photographs.

Sunset at the beach: Everyone likes what we can do with the oil (i.e. drive) - but nobody likes the offshore rig.
The next morning was clear and sunny. There was a lone surfer (not pictured) out enjoying the waves.

I walked out to the water to get a better look at the waves. When I turned around, I was surprised with this amazing view of the local mountains dusted with snow.

Can't think of too many places outside of Southern California where a walk along the beach yields a view of both palm trees and snow covered mountains. All that's needed is a couple of guys walking down to the water with surfboards under their arms. One of those chamber of commerce moments.

A evening view of Anacapa Island. Anacapa is located just twelve miles off the coast.
Anacapa is actually a small archipelago. Here's some additional information:

Sunset over the eastern most edge of Santa Cruz Island.

Dozens of commercial fishing boats off the coast that evening.
"Island Packers" is a local tour company that offers boat tours of the Channel Islands. Here's a link to their site:

I feel very blessed - and I mean that in a literal sense - to have experienced this.

All an hour up the coast from Los Angeles.

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Susan said...

Great shots....really beautiful!