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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lincoln Blvd, Venice: Funky (Part II)

Earlier this year, I decided to walk along Lincoln Blvd in Venice, to take an hour or so and explore the "other Venice."

The area south of the Santa Monica Pier, Ocean Park and Venice is known among the surfing/skating crowd as "Dogown". A documentary (narrated by actor Sean Penn) "Dogtownand Z Boys" does a good job explaining the influence the Dogtown neighborhood had on surfing, skating, and what is commonly known as "extreme sports."

Dogtown graffiti.

A gondola in front of the Washington Mutual (now Chase) Bank. Venice was originally envisioned as a high cultured seaside resort about 100 years ago by founder Abbot Kinney.

A local artist was selling large metal
sculptures. A couple of elephants looking out onto Lincoln Blvd.

T-Rex. What every home needs. "Hey honey, look what I got for the front yard!"

I've heard of
Melrose in West Hollywood. Venice has Nelrose.

Normally, I'd assume this building is under construction (or being remodeled) but this being Venice, maybe it's just a new look. Pantyhose for your office building.

Like much of Los Angeles, Venice is a community of contrasts. Working class mini-malls next to funky (and high end) stores like "Venice Pets".

Proper rain gear for your dog. Comes in various sizes and colors. Somewhat ironic considering how little it actually rains in Los Angeles.

More thoughts on the next entry: "Lincoln Blvd, Venice: Ugly?"

(originally posted 4/28/09)
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