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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Los Angeles National Cemetery, Memorial Day Weekend

The Los Angeles National Cemetery is located in Westwood, less than a mile west of UCLA. Over 80,000 Veterans - including 10,000 from the Civil War - are buried here.

Above, the northern edge of the cemetery with the Getty Center in the distance.

Early Saturday morning, several thousand Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Scout leaders and parent volunteers assembled for the annual Memorial Day Weekend placement of flags at every Veteran's grave.
My son (who is currently a Webelos Scout) and I were there to participate and help.

Waiting for things to begin.

Scouts from all over Los Angeles were there to help. There were Scouts from as far away as the high desert community of Lancaster. After introductions, an opening prayer, and a flag salute we went off to different parts of the cemetery.

A Scout Leader giving my son further directions.

Each boy read the name of the Veteran out loud, placed an American flag in the ground, observed a brief moment of silence . . .

. . . . and saluted.

One of the 80,000 Veteran's grave markers, in this case from World War I.

Rows of flags with Scouts and parents in the distance. My son and I feel very privileged to have been part of this, and it gave us something significant to talk about on the way home.

Within a hour, the entire cemetery was decorated with thousands of American flags. In the distance, the office buildings along Wilshire Blvd.

Happy Memorial Day from Los Angeles.

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