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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lincoln Blvd, Venice: Hungry?

Part four of a five part blog series on Lincoln Blvd. This one focusing on food and places to eat: "Tommy's" is a very famous local burger chain here in Los Angeles. There are numerous copy-cats, each with similar names: Tommies, Tomys, and (above) Thoma's on the corner of Lincoln and Rose. If you're looking for a burger, I'd recommend the original "Tommy's"

McDonald's. Can't escape! They're everywhere, including - of course - Lincoln Blvd.

Taco trucks are not unique to Los Angeles, but I thought the grey bull painted on the side of Valentino's truck here gave it a very "authentic" look. Mmm, tacos.

Baby Blues BBQ was jumping! Saturday afternoon when I walked by the place was packed. Looks fun.

Casablanca is on the corner of Lincoln and Rose. My family and I ate here once with some friends. The food was pretty good, and as I remember they had a ton of mementos from the old Casablanca movie.

I expected to find the old "Pick & Save" discount store on the other corner of Lincoln and Rose. It's long gone and a Whole Foods" Market is in it's place. I'd say it's a step up (unless you were a big shopper at "Pick & Save").

I walked right by this earlier in the afternoon - missed it. I had my eye on Thoma's burger joint.

"Whole Foods" is a high end chain specializing in organic and/or locally grown food. We've purchased some things here. High quality, but also high prices. There's another "Whole Foods" in Santa Monica, which is a smaller store and tiny underground parking lot. It's really worth coming here.

Seeing "Whole Foods" as well as places like "Baby Blues BBQ" is a reminder that Venice is a community in transition. There continues to be a strong working class feel to the community, but there is also a growing gentrified class moving in. That's great for those who own property ... maybe not as great for long time renters (although both Santa Monica and Los Angeles have rent control). Final thoughts on my fifth installment "Lincoln Blvd, Venice: Thirsty?"

(originally posted 4/28/09)
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