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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer In The City

We are now in the midst of a hot LA summer and that means late nights, no rain, and free events. When I say “no rain” what I mean is that it hasn’t rained at my apartment in the last 2 and ½ months and probably won’t for another 2. As someone from the midwest, I thought that the only place that had weather like that was maybe Mars. Unfortunately for summer fun seekers it means that if you’re going camping in Southern California you should think about leaving the campfire matches at home and just bring your microwave.

The good news about living in a desert is that you can safely plan outdoor events such as weddings, concerts, etc without fear of rain or tornadoes. Which is great because Los Angeles has an excellent summertime free* music scene. I’m not even saying this because free things are always excellent. Every year, hundreds and maybe thousands of young aspiring filmmakers and music makers flood into the city hoping to be the next Steven Spielberg or U2 or both. Eventually this flood of musicians congeals into several bands who are happy to perform at any opportunity. Many of them are even pretty good.

Most of the events tend to happen on Thursdays and Fridays with the exception of a few festivals. Many of LA's most famous landmarks such as the Santa Monica Pier, Getty Museum, and the Hammer Museum all have a summer concert series. And LA has more than just music to offer, summertime is also when summer camp happens. There is still time to sign up for some of LA’s surf, lifeguard, acting, or church camps. Additionally many of the local churches offer great Vacation Bible Schools that have plenty for your out-of-school kids to do while you enjoy the last few days of hammock season. You have to rest up before those Thursday night concerts. Check out our calendar of upcoming summer events HERE.