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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pink's Hollywood: Hot Dogs to the Stars

For years I'd heard about Pink's Hot Dog Stand, located near the corner of Melrose Avenue & La Blvd Blvd in Hollywood. One of those places I'd heard about, even driven by, but never visited.

Ah, that was until last April when my wife and I were back in Los Angeles to hear Oxford University Professor John Lennox speak at Christian academic event at UCLA (here's a link to a previous post on the event - really amazing). We had a break in our schedule and decided it was time to finally experience Pink's.

Pink's is a 70 year old hot dog stand famous for the number of celebrities who've stopped by over the years, it's late-night hours (open until 2am, 3am on weekends), and for it's huge menu of celebrity inspired hot dogs. For example, the "Dude" dog is a creation of Gustavo Dudamel of the LA Philharmonic.

The "Lord of the Rings" Dog features onion rings ...

The "Huell Dawg" is a favorite of Huell Howser, the colorful host of the PBS program "California Gold." Here's a link to their menu and other celebrity inspired hot dog creations.

Speaking of celebrities, the walls inside are covered - absolutely covered - with dozens and dozens of signed photos. If you're looking for a little Hollywood vibe, the photos alone is worth a trip there.

More signed photos.

We never had cable or network TV while living in L.A. (ironic, non?) - and generally only see a couple of movies a year, so I have no idea who most of these peole are. Guess they're famous, right? My wife and I enjoying our Pink's Dogs. Not super healthy, but yummy.

Here's a view from across La Brea looking west. The fact that it looks like such a dive is part of the appeal. If you've in the area, definitely worth a trip. Definitely part of "experiencing Los Angeles."

And here's a link to their website.

View Pink's Hollywood in a larger map

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