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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas in Los Angeles

Just a few throwback photos on how our family celebrated Christmas during our five years living in Los Angeles:

Nativity Scenes in Santa Monica.  Dating back to 1953, these outdoor nativity scenes were a fixture along Ocean Avenue at the bluffs Palisades Park for 50+ years. After years of legal challenges, they were moved to private property in 2011 and currently located at the corner of 20th and Broadway.

The Salvation Army, Compton. We tried (with varying success) to involve our family in some aspect of service to greater community during the Christmas Season. We appreciate the chance to serve alongside The Salvation Army - which does an outstanding job meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of men, women, and children in the area. 

Downtown on Ice. Every year we went ice skating just before Christmas in downtown Los Angeles at Pershing Square with extended family. If you're in Los Angeles, or just visiting, it's a fun experience. In fact, we had a chance to visit again this past January. 

Back to Bethlehem. For our family, and millions of others around the world, Jesus Christ remains the central focus of Christmas. We so appreciated the annual Back to Bethlehem event sponsored by The Church at Rocky Peak in Chatsworth. Staffed entirely by volunteers, this event had an amazing 30 year run, which - sadly - just ended. A google search should bring up similar events in the Los Angeles area. 

Santa Monica Pier. Finally, I'm including an extended family photo from back in 2004 - when our kids were really little, and before we had even moved to L.A. This was taken at the Santa Monica Pier a few days before Christmas. Say what you will about Los Angeles, the weather is pretty stellar.

Merry Christmas from Experiencing Los Angeles. 

originally posted on 11/24/11
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