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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Chinatown, Part 2

This time last year I was in Los Angeles, and took some time to explore Chinatown - located  a few blocks north of L.A.'s City Hall. 

The heart of Chinatown is the Central Plaza, opened in 1938. 

According this wikipedia article on Chinatown, "under the efforts of Chinese-American community leader Peter Soo Hoo Sr., the design and operational concepts for a New Chinatown evolved through a collective community process, resulting in a blend of Chinese and American architecture. The Los Angeles Chinatown saw major development, especially as a tourist attraction, throughout the 1930s, with the development of the "Central Plaza," a Hollywoodized version of Shanghai ... Chinatown was designed by Hollywood film set designers, and a "Chinese" movie prop was subsequently donated by film director Cecil B. DeMille."

Here's a link from my last post, with some additional photos and thoughts on the historical Central Plaza. 

Photos are up, I'll come back in a bit with some additional text.

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