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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Pershing Square Ice Skating Rink & Grand Central Market - Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown on Ice is a seasonal event sponsored by the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation. My family and I have enjoy this since our kids were very young. This past January we were back in town and took time to enjoy it. 

The rink is located in Downtown Los Angeles' Pershing Square. Apparently, after years of being sponsored and run by the City, this year it's run by Bietak Productions. 

Walking around beforehand, an artist was working on a mural on the northwest corner of Pershing Square. 

We were actually there fairly early and my son, now age 19, and I took time to walk a few block over to explore The Last Bookstore. More on that in a future post. 

By the time we were actually on the ice, it was dark. Which actually made for a more fun experience. Here's a link to the Pershing Square Holiday Ice Skating site. 

Below, my in-laws (minus my niece, studying at Calvin College in the Midwest). They lived a mile northwest of USC for several years. Then five years in Shanghai, China. Now back in greater Los Angeles. 

Above, my wife, kids, and I. 

Below, a couple of throwback photos, when my kids were five and 2 1/2! This while we were still living in Arizona, before our family moved to Los Angeles.

After ice skating, we walked three blocks over to Grand Central Market for dinner. Here's a link to a previous visit on a crowded Sunday afternoon. The evening we visited in early January felt much more manageable. 

Sarita's Salvadorian Food. This is the exact spot were Sebastian and Mia had there first date in the 2016 film La La Land. I've eaten here before. Good experience, but I was looking for Mexican food. 

Fun when it's not crowded, and you can sit on the same stools that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sat on. 

Grand Central Market is a 100+ year old food hall, with entrances at both Olive and Broadway. 

My kids have memories of coming here when they were much younger, when it was less "upscale." 

Personally, I like the mix between the older, established places and the newer offerings. 

I ended up getting a huge burrito at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas. 

Here's a link to the Grand Central Market website. 

Merry Christmas from Experiencing LA. 

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