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Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Last Bookstore: 5th & Spring, Downtown Los Angeles

I thought I'd finish out 2018 with a final post featuring The Last Bookstore. 

In January of this year, my wife, teenage kids, and I - along with my in-laws - were in Downtown Los Angeles, to go ice skating and grab dinner.  

We had some time before skating, so my son and I walked over a few blocks from Pershing Square to The Last Bookstore. 

The Last Bookstore is located on the corner of 5th and Spring Streets.

The entrance is located off of 5th Street. 

The bookstore occupies a former bank, and at an incredible 22,000 square feet, is apparently California’s largest book store. 

Incredible selection of vinyl records as you walk in. 

Lots and lots of different categories upstairs. Let's take a look. 

View from the second floor of the main entrance area. 

The Last Bookstores very famous, and very photographed, tunnel of books. 

So cool. 

Another view of the outside. 

Apparently, the tunnel of books is a huge Instagram magnet. Got got started blogging ten years ago using Blogger. Meanwhile, my 19 year old enjoys Instagram, my 16 year old Snapchat. 

People were walking around taking photos. 

More photos. Which is what we were doing, too. But next time I'm back, I'd like to buy a book - or two or three. 

Love this place, but I'm also aware that it only stays in business if people like me actually make a purchase, not just take photos. 

My son, at time a High School Senior, posing for an obligatory Instagram photo. 

The bank's old vault is used to house horror (and I believe crime) themed books. 

The second floor has a small section dedicated to artwork, apparently for sale. 

There are also several small sublet spaces for featuring local art and other niche products. Really great.

Yet another creative use of books.

Another look at the main entrance area.

While I'm generally not a fan of people brining their dogs into stores, it really seems to fit the vibe of Downtown Los Angeles. Plus - and this is important - this is the dog owner's neighborhood, not mine.

Lots of big, comfy chairs.

A final look inside in the main entrance area. I like the way the effect the lighting makes, which was just accidental. 

I came across this outstanding video on The Last Bookstore on Vimeo. 

Worth watching. 

We were pressed for time - I hope to come back sometime soon. 

We walked over to Pershing Square to go ice skating. Here's a link

We didn't make it to Downtown Los Angeles this Christmas break. Too bad. We're tentatively hoping to get down to both the Rose Parade in Pasadena, plus maybe the Huntington Library, and ice skating Downtown the first couple days of January 2020. We'll see if that happens.

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, located in the (1914) Spring Arts Tower on the corner of 5th and Spring. Their tag line is "What are you waiting for? We won't be here forever." 

Here's a link to their website.

Happy New Year from Experiencing Los Angeles. 

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