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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Interview (L.A. Family Vacation, Part 7)

March 2013, my wife and kids and I were in Los Angeles for a few days for a little family get away. We stayed in Hollywood, taking a few days to see the sights.

Coming back from viewing the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center, we were walking along Hollywood Blvd when my son was asked if he wanted to be interviewed for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Sure, why not??

After filling out the obligatory legal releases, my son was asked "What's Your Greatest Accomplishment?" He mentioned the usual academic accomplishments, student government, knowing how to play the piano, involvement at our church, etc.

It was a fun, "experiencing L.A." moment. Of course, we wanted to know, was he really going to be on TV?

A day or two later, we watched the segment on Youtube:

No, he didn't make the cut. Guess he really had accomplished something. Or, his answers just weren't funny enough. I guess he could have made something up.

Afterwards, we talked about how many interviews they probably have to make just to get enough funny material for a 2 minute slot. And how so much of what we see on TV is edited. Stuff for a laugh kept in; real stuff, serious stuff edited out.

And the fact that not just the media, but all of us, have a bias when we communicate. Everything we say or do is edited by our worldview - that is, how we view reality, what we view as important. When anyone says they're "unbiased," that's really impossible.

The question is "with what bias are you approaching life"? And "how do you treat those with different world views." Any thoughts or feedback on this is appreciated.

Good experience. I guess my son can tell his friends that he was at least interviewed for the Jimmy Kimmel show. Chalk it up to experiencing L.A. moment.

If you want to get interviewed, try you luck walking along Hollywood Blvd mid day.

And if you want your interview to get aired, try answering with really stupid answers.

Here's a link with information on getting tickets for the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

More on our little L.A. family vacation next week in Part 8: Pink's Hotdog Stand.

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