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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach (Part II)

A couple weekends ago my family and I were back in Los Angeles and had a chance to spend an afternoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Here's a link to Part I from last week. 

Above, one of the many lorikeetes (similar to parakeets, but native to Australia). It's something you won't find at most Aquariums. And, thanks to Los Angeles' wonderful Mediterranean climate, can be experienced outdoors year round. 

For three bucks you can purchase a little contained of nectar, which - of course - attracts the lorikeets. Above, my wife and daughter - and two happy lorikeets. 

I love the expression of this kid looking at the lorikeet on my wife's arm. 

And the happy expression of my daughter. 

Neat experience. Putting together this post, I found some pics taken almost eight year ago ...

December 2004. My daughter at the same spot eight year ago, at age 2 1/2

Wow, the years have really flown by. 

Good times. 

My son was at the other end of the aviary, with a happy lorikeet on his arm. 

December 2004: my son eight years ago at age 5. 

My son seemed so "big" at the time, especially compared to his little sister. 

We had a chance to visit and speak at a church earlier that weekend. Afterwards, an older friend, now in his 70's, came up to me and told me that the next few years of our kids lives will go by very quickly. Looking at this photos from just eight years ago, there's a lot of wisdom in that statement. 

As I've shared before, my wife and I have are committed to imparting our faith and our values to our two kids. Now that my son is 13, daughter 10 1/2, we really see the years marching by quickly. 

We were there on a Sunday afternoon. Probably not the best time to go if you want to avoid the crowds, but  in that we're no longer in the area, we don't have nearly as much flexibility. Felt like the staff at the Aquarium did a great job, even on a busy day. 

Another photo from eight years ago, my kids (center) with two of their cousins. 

My niece in 2004, now age 14. 

Divers in the large display tanks. The little boy was fascinated by it, as were my kids when they were his age. 

Pretty cool having these divers talk about the oceans and sealife. Afterwards, the divers gave a high-fives to all the kids through the glass. 

Lots of school groups are here during the week: pretty incredible "classroom." Like other aquariums, the Aquarium of the Pacific is committed to the important work of education and the conservation of the oceans for for future generations. 

One final picture from December 2004: my wife with our daughter (in the bright red pants). 

Glad we started taking our kids to the Aquarium then. 

Glad we took them again a couple weeks ago. 

A view of the lobby, with the massive life size sculpture of a Blue Whale, largest animal on earth. 

Final family photo. Good times. Here's a link to the Aquarium of the Pacific's website. Check on-line for discounts. We save a bit of cash by buying our tickets ahead of time at our local AAA office. 

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