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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Experiencing L.A. - Chris Burden's Urban Light at LACMA

Located outside Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Wilshire Blvd is Chris Burden's outdoor sculpture "Urban Light."

The sculpture consists of over 200 restored vintage light posts from around Los Angeles.

My kids (pictured here in 2008 when they were ages 6 and 8 1/2) and I stopped by a couple of times over the years.

Chris Burden is also responsable for LACMA's Metropolis II (which I'd like to blog about sometime soon).

The historic lamp posts and the geometric patterns look neat during the day . . .

. . . but the best time to see them is at night. My wife and I were driving along Wilshire Blvd a few years back when I stopped and snapped off a couple quick pics.

Wish I had some more time - and a tripod!

Here's a link to another site with some significantly better pics of "Urban Light." 
Hats off to photographer David Palmer.

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As a Christian, I'm reminded that "light" is use is a metaphor throughout the Scriptures. The first words spoken by God himself are the famous "let there be light" of Genesis 1. John's gospel describes Jesus as "the true light that gives light to every man." Jesus said of himself "I am the light of the world." The last chapter in the Bible describes God himself as the final and ultimate source of light.

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Some friends of mine used a photo of themselves in front of the LACMA light posts for their Christmas card. It's a great pic - and reminds me of yet another way light is used in Scripture: to describe the followers of Jesus Christ. "You are the light of the world" Jesus said to his disciples, and by extension, to those who follow him today.

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As we approach Christmas, it's a reminder for me to be perhaps less concerned about the twinkling lights around the house, more concerned with my character, my actions, and my involvement in those who Jesus described as "the least of these."

Maybe that's the kind of urban light God wants.

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originally published 11/21/09
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Mr. Guider said...

Yes, it's true. The Los Angeles County Museum really nice. I visited a few months ago and it looks beautiful at night!