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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clear Day: View from Temescal Ridge, Topanga State Park

The upper Temescal Canyon ridge trail offers some of the most striking views of the Santa Monica Bay as well as the entire westside of Los Angeles.

It's an easy hike, with the trailhead starting at the top of the Palisades Highlands in Pacific Palisades. Click here for directions and a map.

Another view with the pier and buildings of Santa Monica are clearly visible. These photos were taken in October - with some great visibility.

Walking a bit further up the trail, the entire westside suddenly appeared from behind the peak to the right. Starting from the left, you can see the Getty Center, the entire UCLA campus, Century City, and Westwood Village. Wilshire Blvd continues on all the way to downtown Los Angeles, which is visible in distance. Click on any of these photos for a larger image.

Here's a close up. The southernmost buildings of UCLA, the theaters of Westwood Village, and the office and residential towers along Wilshire and in Century City are all clearly visible.

Here's the same trail on an early morning in April, with thick coastal fog obscuring everything but the sunrise and mountain peaks. Another study in contrasts - another L.A. experience.

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