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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica - Part III

Here's a link to Part I and Part II of a walk down Lincoln Blvd.

L&L BBQ is located on the corner of Lincoln & Pico Blvds. Not too healthy, but very tasty.

But what was amazing was behind L&L.

West Coast Classics - specializing in high end and exotic sportcars.

Notice the metal stove pipes? Literally, right behind L&L.

Small dealership. According to their website, specializing in "only extraordinary" cars.

Rolls Royce, Bentleys, and other extraordinaries.

I've driven by here hundreds of times - never knew this was here.

High-end cars, colorful mural, and the stove pipes from L&L Hawaiian BBQ = the perfect combination.

Another mural. Very creative. This one is at Olympic High School, the continuation High School at the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park.

The campus security guard came up to me and I had to explain to him that I was taking pictures for my blog. When I told him the name was "" he smiled and said "that's cool." Nice.

The mural (above) at the corner of Lincoln & Ocean Park is for Olympic High School. Driven by here hundreds of times. Had no idea. I guess that's the advantage of walking in L.A.

Lincoln & Pacific Street. My barbershop - "Lincoln Barbershop" - is located a few doors down from here.

Back at the smog check station. I passed, paid my bill and was on my way.

It was interesting seeing things on foot. Things that I totally missed from my car.

To drive or to walk?

Rather than either/or, I prefer both/and.

Especially in Los Angeles.


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