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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years of

This next May will mark ten years of blogging with 

To commemorate, I thought it'd be fun to go back and pick a random post from each of the past ten years. Feel free to click on the title (under the year, in red) with a link to the original post.

Ignatius Cafe: West Adams

Ignatius Cafe is a hidden oasis in the West Adams district of Los Angeles a mile west of USC. Ignatius Cafe is a coffee shop staffed volunteer by "Korean grandmothers" most of us never had. For anyone who already thinks they know everything cool about Los Angeles, this was an amazing find and unexpected treat. Originally posted 4/22/17

Echo Park Lake

There was a time not too long along when Echo Park was a rough, dangerous neighborhood. While there are negatives to gentrification, the positives are that neighborhoods like Echo Park are much safer, much more enjoyable for families and individuals. Located just a couple of miles northwest from downtown Los Angeles, the historic lake was recently refurbished. Originally posted 4/16/16

Re-Experiencing Los Angeles: Historic Downtown Core  

Speaking of gentrification, the 1999 Adaptive Reuse Ordinance is perhaps single most important factor in the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles. Historic office buildings, especially along Main Street and Spring Street, have been repurposed to apartments and condos, bringing in tens of thousand of new residents and breathing life down to the street level. This is the first of a five part series on downtown Los Angeles' Historic Core. Originally posted 11/7/15

Jimmy Kimmel Interview: L.A. Family Vacation

During Spring Break a few years back, my wife, kids, and I were back in Los Angeles for a three day get-away - staying in Hollywood. Lots of fun adventures, but a "only in L.A." moment occurred when my son (13 at the time) was randomly interviewed on Hollywood Blvd for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. No, they didn't use the interview, but it was still fun. Originally posted 3/30/14

Carsland on Wilshire: Petersen Automotive Museum

I was back in the area for a few days, and stopped off at the Peterson Automotive Museum on Wilshire Blvd. The facade to the building has since been changed, but I like the midcentury architecture, palm trees, and office buildings. And this was one of my first attempts at including some sort of graphic with a photo. Originally posted 3/23/13

Best Hike in Los Angeles: Upper Temescal Canyon Ridge

Forget the crowds of lower Temescal Canyon off of Sunset Blvd in Pacific Palisades. Drive ten more minutes to the trailhead at the top of the Palisades Highlands and enjoy the solitude of the upper Temescal Canyon Ridge trail. Even on weekends, you'll rarely see anyone else. Anytime is good, but the coastal fog rolling in off the ocean can make for some incredible views - especially at sunrise. Originally posted 5/26/12

City of Los Angeles: Who's In and Who's Not

When we moved out of Los Angeles in 2010, a friend asked how long I'd keep blogging on ExperiencingLA. I said, "until I run out of photos." I posted this the year after we moved and it's the second most popular post on this site, with a bit of interesting info explaining the difference between communities within the City of Los Angeles (like Hollywood) and nearby, independent cities (like West Hollywood). Originally posted 10/22/11

Birds of Paradise: Palisades Park, Santa Monica

January 2nd, 2010 - while much of the country was still enjoying their "white Christmas" - I took some time to walk around Palisades Park in Santa Monica, enjoying beautiful weather and "Bird of Paradise" flowers, the official flower of the City of Los Angeles (yes, L.A. has an official flower). 2010 was our last year living in La-La-Land. Originally posted 3/27/10

Chris Burden's Urban Light at LACMA

I posted some photos of Chris Burden's Urban Light outdoor art display at LACMA. This continues to be the single most popular post on this site. Originally posted 11/21/09
Our Beaches Best Kept Secret started in May 2008, our third year living in Los Angeles. We discovered some beautiful tide pools near the Getty Malibu, technically just within L.A. City limits. This was one of my earlier attempts and we have some good memories of exploring the nearby beaches and tide pools. Originally posted 11/21/08 

It's amazing how quickly ten years has gone by. I'll finish out with a couple of family photos, one from 2008 and another ten years later, from 2017. 



Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from

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