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Saturday, January 13, 2018

OC Lowrider Truck

I was in Orange County - just south of Los Angeles - this time last year and came upon this truck. I honestly thought it was missing tires. I've never seen any vehicle this "low." 

Really, you can drive around town like this? I looks like there's an inch of clearance. Incredible. 

Wow, impressive. I'm no expert, but based on the body style, maybe 1972? Please leave a comment below. 

Looks like it's a work in process. The owner has put in a lot of work, so I'm assuming they (he or she) is planning on restoring the bed and repainting it.

The Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles had an interesting exhibit featuring several historic lowrider cars several years ago. 

And who can forget the late Huell Howser's visit to the Los Angeles Super Show? 

It's one thing to see a car like this in a museum or a car show. Another entirely to see it out on the street. Or, in this case, a parking lot. This was at "The Outlets at Orange" - south of L.A. in Orange County. 

Happy motoring. 

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