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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blue Light Special: Chase Bank, Sepulveda & Artesia

A year ago I was in L.A. staying with friends in Manhattan Beach - before catching a plane out of LAX early the next morning. The Chase Bank, located on the corner of Sepulveda and Artesia caught my eye. Had to stop. 

The architecture looks similar to the "Fabulous Forum" (former home of the Los Angeles Lakers) in nearby Inglewood .... 

.... with a little bit of Disneyland's "1967 Tomorrowland" thrown in. 

 It's the blue lighting that really is able to give the building it's distinctive look at night. Very simple - but the effect is dramatic.

I like the clean lines, reflecting optimism of the mid-century "futuristic" architecture - and the fact that the building is distinct and different from what's around it. 

Not worth making any sort of special trip to see - but if you're in the neighborhood, worth stopping by for five minutes. 

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