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Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, Part IV

January 2018, my extended family and I were in So Cal, and took time to enjoy the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. 

To reword my question from last time, is The Huntington a library, a botanical garden, or an art gallery? Yes to all three.  

Here's Part I focusing on the Chinese Gardens, Part II on the Japanese Gardens, and Part III on the historic library collections. 

The Huntington also has an incredible art collection, housed in the former residence Henry and Arabella Huntington. 

Walking through their former living room. 

An original Frederick Remington. 

President George Washington.

General George Washinton.

The main art gallery.

Sarah Goodwin Barrett Moulton: Pinkie (1794).

Info on Pinkie. 

The Blue Boy (1770). As a kid, I remember taking me (it probably felt like dragging me) to The Huntington. This is the one painting I remember. Wasn't super impressed as a kid, probably thinking "who in the world would dress like this?" Duh. Someone in 1770. 

Info on The Blue Boy. 

The Huntington's family dining room. 

Info on Henry and Arabella Huntington. 

The outdoor patio. 

Tropical plants galore. This is just outside of the art gallery. We simply didn't have time to see and experience all of the various gardens on the 120 acre property. 

Classically inspired statutes that were part of the original Huntington estate. 

A modern fountain added in a few years ago, towards the exit. And, yes, obligatory gift shop. 

Here's a link to The Huntington website. 

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