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Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Trip to Japan: Huntington Library and Gardens, Part II

This time last year, my extended family and I spent the day at The Huntington Library and Gardens. Here's a link to Part I, focusing on The Huntington's 12 acre Chinese Gardens. Next to the Chinese Gardens is the historic Japanese Garden. 

The 9 area Japanese Garden was completed Henry and Arabella Huntington in 1912 as part of their original estate, and features an authentic five room Japanese home. 

More water features. Love the waterfall. 

Aside from perhaps a rainy day, there's no bad time of the year to visit. These photographs were all taken during our visit in early January (sorry rest of the country). 

These gardens are all part of the original 120 acre estate, and are now over 100 years old - an eternity for anything in the Los Angeles area. 

The Japanese section also features a Zen Garden, which - along with the bonsai collection - was added in 1968. 

A small part of the bonsai collection. 

The Huntington has hundreds of bonsai trees and plants in it's collection, with 75 or so out at any time. The plants are continually rotated, meaning most any visit will be different. 

According their website, some of their bonsais are estimated to be an incredible 1000 years old. Wow. While the majority significantly younger, The Huntington boasts one of the  of the largest collections of bonsais in the United States. 

More water features, this just outside of the Japanese garden. 

My kids and their cousins along a bamboo pathway. As teenagers, they - understandably - wanted to explore on their own. 

Back at the Japanese Garden, the famous Moon Bridge. 

The bridge was part of the original 1912 garden. The garden was part of the original estate, which was opened to the public in 1928.

A final view. More next time. 

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