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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley

Metro Los Angeles is home to two Presidential Libraries. Ironically, perhaps, both both Republican Presidents. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library is in Yorba Linda; the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. I was in Simi Valley early last year and got a free sign-in to the Reagan Presidential Library. Sure, why not? 

First stop just outside of the entrance is a section of the Berlin War. The Pacific Ocean is off in the distance. 

While an even larger section of the Berlin Wall can be found along Wilshire Blvd, it's hard to imagine the Reagan Library without this. As someone remarked, "most walls are used to keep people out. The Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in." 

Regardless if you think Reagan was responsable for the end of the Cold War, or sped up it's inevitable collapse, a piece of the 96 mile wall - which prevented East Germans from leaving their country - seems like a fitting start to the Library. 

The Library stated with photos from Reagan's childhood and growing up years in Dixon, Illinois. 

The Library was PACKED. Chalk it up to lots of out of town visitors during the Christmas/New Years Break, or the special displays they had from the Titanic (which was a special ticket and I opted not to pay to see), the Library was crazy crowded. 

Reagan moved to California to pursue a career in acting in 1937. He eventually, served as the President of the Screen Actor's Guild, host of General Electric Theater, and Governor of California from 1966-1974. 

Hands on, interactive displays. 

Air Force One. Even if you're not a huge fan of Presidential Libraries or of a different political party, this is pretty impressive. 

I opted to wait in line, go inside. Pretty cool. 

A display outside on the Secret Service, who's job it is to protect the President. 

More later ... 

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