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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seeing Stars: Miley Cyrus (Panera Bread, Santa Monica)

Miley Cyrus at Panera Bread, 501 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica.

Even celebraties have to eat, right? Our last summer living in Los Angeles was back in 2010. My kids - ages 8 and 10 at the time - told me "hey dad, we saw Miley Cyrus at lunch."



Did they take a photo?


Fortunately, a friend was there with my kids at the same time and snapped a photo. Most people in Los Angeles try to give celebrities space; it's considered very bad form to bother them. Hopefully, taking one photo - and then posting it on line - of a celebrity out and about in L.A. isn't too paparatzi.

If you're just visiting Los Angeles for a week or so, the chances of running into a celebrity are pretty rare (although it does happen). But people who live and work in L.A. eventually see them all the time. My mom worked at a bookstore in Westwood and waited on Michael Jackson. My dad was at the Jack-in-the-Box late one evening in Pacific Palisades and had a conversation with Madonna. A friend from our church working a couple blocks from Panera interacted with dozens of celebrities at the Apple Store where he worked. 

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In the case of Miley Cyrus (at Panera,  pictured above) I honeslty don't watch enough TV to have recognized her (sorry, Disney Channel). Of course, my kids immediately knew who she was (thanks, Disney Channel). 

As a Christian, I often wonder what does it mean to live out your faith in a city like Los Angeles? Here's a few thoughts from a previous post. I'll come back and try and write something more if I get more time. 

I'll close for now with a family photo taken that same summer: Wilshire Blvd, a couple blocks from Panera.

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