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Saturday, November 26, 2011

California Adventure

A couple years ago I snapped this shot of a guy in Southern California reading a Chinese newspaper.

Location? Chinatown? Nope.

Monterey Park? Nice try.

Another part of L.A.'s San Gabriel Valley? Sorry.

This photo was taken at the "Disney California Adventure" park, located adjacent to Disneyland.

Was this guy bored (not enough to do)? Or just checking the sport page?

Was he a local, or international visitor?

With huge and very influential Chinese, Koran, Vietnamese, and Japanese populations, California is much more than the "Beach Boys" surfing image that's portayed in the media. The Asian-American experience is part of the "Calfornia Adventure" - but you'll have a hard time finding it anywhere in "Disney's Calfornia Adventure."

Fortunately, there's the real California adventure - just outside the gates.

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OCJose said...

The folks at Disney DID initally have much more of "California" in the California Adventure, including a movie which featured the experiences of Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans .... nice movie - but I guess people don't pay good money to go to an amusement park to see a movie. It's been replaced by the "very California" Little Mermaid Ride.

Anyway, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Disney has just dropped over a $1 billion in a make over; lots of stuff. Carsland will probably pack 'em in.