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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer in the Rearview Mirror

Driving up the 101 - the Pacific Coast Highway - earlier this year, I spotted an old surf wagon in the rearview mirror. Had to take a pic. 

Anyone out there know the year and model? Looks like something from the 1940's. LOVE the surfboard on the roof. That's what caught my attention.

As this is the last weekend of the summer, figured this was an appropriate photo. Actually, these photos were taken last January. That's OK. Thanks to wetsuits and a Mediterranean climate, people surf year round in Southern California. 

You get extra points if you know where along the 101 this was taken.

As an aside, there's reason why Angelenos (and Southern Californians) refer to freeways as "the 405" or "the 10" or "the 101". These freeways all have names. Beautiful names. The San Diego Freeway, the Santa Monica Freeway, the Ventura Freeway. 

Originally, people talked about taking the Pasadena Freeway north . . . or the Santa Ana Freeway south. Eventually, the Interstate (or state highway) numbers were substituted for the names. The Pasadena Freeway became the 110, the Santa Ana Freeway became the 5. Generally, I prefer the names. 

Enjoy the last weekend of the summer. Hopefully not stuck on a freeway. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like either Santa Monica or Santa Barbara. But I'll say Santa Barbara because I don't think US 101 goes thru Santa Monica.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Santa Barbara