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Saturday, July 30, 2011

On A Clear Day: View from the Huntley Hotel

One of my favorite "L.A. views" was from the glass elevator at the Huntely Hotel in Santa Monica: great views of Santa Monica, the bay, and the mountains. Easy to see why Santa Monica has become an international destination.

If you want to enjoy the same view, you can do so either from the elevator, or from the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. Parking is available in the neighborhood, or a couple blocks away at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade.

Here's a
 link to more info on the Huntley Hotel.

For me, the view from the Huntley was a reminder how fortunate we were to live in this area. It also was a reminder of the responsibility that comes with that. As the pastor at my church said many years ago, "if God has blessed us economically or materially, we shouldn't feel guilty - we should feel responsible."

I think it's easier just to feel guilty. Responsibility implies actually doing something.

Jesus said on multiple occasions "to whom much is given, much is expected."

I - and others on the westside of L.A. - honestly have been given much ... and it's challenging thinking what that means in terms of investing my time, my abilities, and my resources in the lives of others.

Here's to those five years we spent living in Los Angeles - and the responsability that came with it.

.originally published 7/4/2009

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