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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica - Part I

Hey, time for a smog check! Where else to go but Lincoln Blvd?

Earlier this year I had some time to kill in Santa Monica while my car was getting a smog check.

Figured I could take an hour to walk up and down a mile or so of Lincoln Blvd.

Across the street a block or so down was something called "Lincoln Pipe."

Looked like a small converted garage.

"Kitchen & Bath Showroom"? Really? Have to catch it on the way back.

Lincoln is a (or the) major north-south commercial boulevard through Santa Monica. It starts in a high end residential neighborhood "north of Montana" - in north Santa Monica, and continues on into the Los Angeles community of Venice.

"Whole Foods" = "whole paycheck". Nice place, a really pricey grocery store. I remember when this was a "Pic & Save" (seriously).

'Naylor Paint" across the street.

Los Angeles County consists of 88 separate, independent cities - many of which are up against one another. Santa Monica ends at Rose Avenue, and the Los Angeles community of Venice starts. Here's a link to Lincoln Blvd in Venice.

At Rose Avenue I crossed Lincoln and headed back north.

Lincoln Blvd through Santa Monica and Venice also "California Highway 1" - the Pacific Coast Highway. Um . . . where's the coast? Where's the highway?

"Naylor Paint" closer up. I really like the mural.

The huge power lines that are up and down Lincoln Blvd in Venice (in the City of Los Angeles) -- are conveniently placed underground in the City of Santa Monica. Makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the street.

"Pancho's Tacos."

Mmmm, tacos.

Ah, "Lincoln Pipe."

Hey, it really is a "showroom" after all - right on the street.

Tired of those "big box" stores? Then Lincoln Pipe (and pretty much the rest of Santa Monica) is for you.

McDonald's on Lincoln.

They have a play place - so (guess what?) I've been here with my kids. Many, many times.

Yeah, and there's some homeless guy's stuff in a shopping cart out front. You get both in Santa Monica.

More on Lincoln Blvd in Part II.


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tim32845 said...

wow, you make even the ho-hum parts of L.A. look good.