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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Splash Zone at URM

Yesterday some friends from our church spent the afternoon volunteering and helping staff the Union Rescue Mission's "Splash Zone" up on their roof.

The Union Rescue Mission is located in downtown Los Angeles skid row, and works to provide long-term solutions to homeless men, women and children. It's the largest mission of it's kind in the United States and truly a remarkable ministry.

Several of the volunteers brought their own kids to help - of course, they ended spending most of their time playing with the kids living at the URM.

A big inflatable slide is always a hit - especially when when you run a couple of hoses down it!

Friends from our church helping serve up burgers. The downtown Los Angeles skyline is clearly visible in the background. Really different feel and vibe than what I posted a couple weeks back from 15th & Arizona.

As we're moving in less than two weeks, I spent the afternoon packing boxes and missed this event. I pulled these pics off the URM site after hearing about it this morning in church.

Honestly, I wish I had gotten myself and my kids downtown to help out for a few hours. It would have been a great chance to have gotten out my little "westside bubble" - and I'm sure my kids would liked helping out - aka, running around and playing with the other kids for a couple of hours.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a great event and what a blessing to all those kids - I'm sure they had a great time. I really liked the pic of the guys flipping burgers w/ the skyline in the background....way far removed from my little ol' life here in the country!
-Your sis