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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gladstones: Friday Morning, January 8th

Thursday January 8th I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) just south of Gladstones Restaurant at Sunset Blvd (in Pacific Palisades) at about 10:30am.

What caught my attention was how how incredibly crowded the surf spot was. I'd never seen it so packed.

I pulled over and took a few pictures. Here's a wide angle shot - the rock outcropping to the right is where Gladstones Restaurant (corner of Sunset Blvd & PCH) is located. For people out of the area, this is all within the city limits of Los Angeles.

A winter storm elsewhere in the Pacific made for some ideal surf conditions here in Southern California.

Surfing is perhaps the only sport I can think of where those involved don't necessarily want others to join them (especially at "their" spot).

Everyone was crowded in this one spot because this is where the waves were really breaking. A couple hundred yards away, the water was literally empty. And, of course, with temperatures (water temperatures) in the 50's, everyone was wearing a full wetsuit.

I love this shot. One photo. Twelve guys up on three (or is it four?) different waves. Wow.

And how many guys are waiting for the next set? Over fifty.

It was a Friday morning.

Don't people have jobs?

Time to get back to mine . . .



Susan O. said...

I really enjoyed these shots....I esp. liked the 12 guys up on 3 waves...really crazy how crowed it was!

Cafe Observer said...

Yeah, a lot of guys out there. Get these guys some girls!