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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Santa Monica Blvd (Part IV: Not a Movie Shoot)

Walking up Santa Monica Blvd into West L.A. I noticed a stationary helicopter in the air (actually, a couple). A major accident on the freeway? Police activity? A movie shoot?

Nope. A fire, a major fire. Santa Monica Blvd. was completely closed from Bundy all the way to to Barrington (about half a mile).

Apparently, there was a major fire in the mini mall I had walked by a week earlier, at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Brockton. A local news reporter and camera crew were there for the "all important" live report.

Pedestrians were permitted in the area - of course, we were expected to stay out of the way.

Tons of equipment.

This being Los Angeles, I kept thinking, "so where's all the lights and equipment and camera crew and catering trucks?"

Maybe I've been here too long.

The side of one of the fire trucks.

I've always liked design the City's seal, with the "four flags" that have flown over Los Angeles: Spain, Mexico, the California Republic, and the United States.

A group of firefighters debriefing. Always impressive.

According to one of the firefighters I asked, this is only a third of the truck and equipment at the scene earlier in the morning. Apparently, they had crews from all over the City here, over 200 firefighters.

More trucks and equipment on Armacost Street.

Many thanks to the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

More on the walk up Santa Monica Blvd in Part V.