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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Santa Monica Blvd (Part III: back through Santa Monica)

Early in the month I took an early morning walk up Santa Monica Blvd, following the course of Historic "Route 66" through Santa Monica and on into West Los Angeles. I began to wonder, how far could I go if I got a really early start? Could I make it all the way to Century City (just shy of Beverly Hills)? A week later I decided to give it a shot.

I showed up at Santa Monica Blvd and Ocean Ave at 5:45am. Crazy, I know.

And dark. This is looking out at the Santa Monica Pier at 5:45am.

Looking north up Ocean Avenue.

Walking up Santa Monica Blvd, I made good time. I didn't stop to take any photos. Too dark, and besides, I had already taken a lot of photos along this same strech the week before.

A couple miles up, at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Cloverfield, I did notice the "sale" price for a couple of bikes in the window at Cynergy Cycles.

MSRP = $5500.

"Sale" = $5000.


The same price I paid for my car.

Another bike was on "sale" for $5850.


I guess I have no concept of what top-end bicycles go for.

I paid $150 for my used mountain bike 18 years ago.

Cynergy Cyles like a nice enough bike shop. But I think I'll stick with my 18 year old bike for now (and hiking and walking, which doesn't cost anything).

Next stop: West Los Angeles (Part IV).


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