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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keepin' L.A. Moving --- but don't let this happen to you

These "anti-gridlock" signs are not unique to Los Angeles - you'll find them in most major cities. They're designed to open up another traffic lane during rush hour. Without them, traffic - especially in cities like L.A. - would even be worse.

A few weeks back I was at Cal State Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, meeting with some university professors - great time. Had a chance to connect with a fraternity brother from UCLA who is now a professor at CSUN. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the parking signs on the street.

Walking back to your car and seeing it already on a tow truck = never good. The driver would have already taken off, except that there was another car in front of mine that also was also blocking the traffic lane. Fortunately, the driver of the other car showed up just in time. She wasn't happy with her $200 ticket ...

Either was I, but at least it meant that the tow truck operator could give me back my car (instead of having to tow away my car and hers). It's coming down off the rack in the photo above. I still had to pay an additional $200 to get it back - but I consider myself very fortunate. At least I didn't have to walk to some impound location in another part of the Valley (esp as it was almost dark).

$200 ticket + an additional $200 to get it off the rack = $400. Ouch.

As a Christian I'm reminded that the commands in Scripture are for our protection and our provision. When God says "don't" - it's to keep us from harm: physically, emotionally, socially, or relationally. "I did it my way" might be a memorable line from an old Sinatra song, but it really screws things up.

That little "don't" sign (as in "don't park here - tow away") reminds me of the "don't's" - and the "do's" - God gives us in life.

Ignoring them = never good.


Ken Paris said...

Sorry that happened David. God did bless you even through that. A friend from work parked in the wrong spot. But when he got back the car was gone. It took him a good five hours to track down where the car was taken to and then to find transportation to the impound lot. It was a nightmare. Praise God you got back when you did so you did not have to go through that.

Anonymous said...

sucky - but at least you didn't have to try and find your car.