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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Cross Over Hollywood

The large white cross over Hollywood seems like an appropriate image on this Saturday before Easter. 

The cross, which is lit at night and clearly seen from the Hollywood Freeway, was originally designed to be part of the Hollywood Bowl's Easter sunrise service. 

Another view, in the neighborhood adjacent to the Hollywood Bowl. The cross was originally on public property. The small plot of land was sold to private non-profit organization, which is responsable for it's upkeep, maintenance, and electrical bill. 

It's a link to a previous post with a bit more information. And how a cross wasn't part of, then was part of, then wasn't part of, and is again part of the Los Angeles County Seal. 

While we've hosted our fair share of neighborhood Easter egg hunts over the the years, I still love this cartoon:

Christianity Today, April 2009

Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. 

Wishing you a happy and meaningful Easter from Experiencing Los Angeles. 

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