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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Experiencing Los Angeles - in the San Fernando Valley

image credit: eyeball
One of the most overlooked areas of Los Angeles is the massive San Fernando Valley. 

It comes as a surprise to many that most of the San Fernando Valley (or simply "the Valley") is part of the City of Los Angeles. The Valley is separated from the rest of Los Angeles by the Santa Monica Mountains, which for all intents and purposes divides the city in two. With 1.8 million residents, the Valley has its own climate, history, culture, and vibe. 

The Valley doesn't usually come to mind when people think about Los Angeles, which is ironic because it's home to half of the six Major Studios: Warner Brothers, Disney Studios, and Universal Studios. (The other three are Columbia in Culver City, Fox in Century City, and Paramount in Hollywood. Paramount is the only studio actually located in Hollywood). 

I came across this wonderful montage of images from throughout the Valley from  

OK, all you fans of the SFV, what are the best things in the Valley to see or do?


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