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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter at the Hollywood Bowl 2014

Easter Sunday - April 20, 2014 - the Hollywood Bowl will once again open it's doors to "Easter at the Bowl," an annual city-wide Easter Service, hosted by several area churches. 

When my wife, kids, and I lived in Los Angeles, we attended once, inviting friends who lived in the area. What a great "experiencing L.A." opportunity - we highly recommend this event! Admission - of course - is free. 

Doors open at 9am, the service begins at 11am. More information on "Easter at the Hollywood Bowl" can be found here

photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Easter Services at the Hollywood Bowl started back in 1921. Here's a "back in the day" photo I found on the Los Angeles Times website, from Easter 1947. 

The central message of Easter is Christ rose from the dead. Executed on Friday by via brutal Roman crucifixion, Easter celebrates the historical fact of his resurrection.

Beyond the flowers, music and pageantry, perhaps a good question for both believers and skeptics is "did resurrection of Jesus really happen?" And if it did, what does it mean? University of St. Andrews professor and New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright gave an excellent answer at a lecture at Embury University back in 2008. Here's a short clip

Almost two thousand years ago, Christians in the early church greeted each other with the triumphant Christos Anesti! Christ is risen - He is risen indeed!

In the polyglot that is Los Angeles, tomorrow believers from around the world will greeting each other with:

Christ is risen
그리스도 께서 살아나셨입니다
Cristo ha resucitado
Christ est ressuscité
Kristo ay nabuhay
مسیح می باشد افزایش یافته است
Hristos a înviat
המשיח קם
Chúa Kitô đã sống lại
المسيح قام حقا قام
Христос воскрес
Քրիստոս յարեաւ ի մեռելոց՜

Happy Easter
Christos Anesti

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