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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Experiencing L.A. at the Fox Village Westwood Theater

A few more photos of the Fox Village Theater, located one block south of UCLA in Westwood Village (here's a link to Part I).  I was in town for a few days and was speaking at a Korean campus ministry on a Thursday night. I took these photos with my phone on the way back to my car. 

The Fox Theater is considered one of - if not THE - best venue for movie premieres in the world. It's a beautiful, classic building - in many ways very similar to the old Fox Carthay Theater. It's also centraly located on the westside of Los Angeles, just a couple miles from Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Brentwood - where most of members of the entertainment community actually live. 

Located on the corners of Broxton and Weyburn in Westwood Village, the theater is able to get an entire city block closed off for movie premieres - with minimal distuption to traffic. That's not the case at, say, Graman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Here's a link to the premiere of Twilight New Moon that I stumbled upon a few years back, and a previous post on what the inside of the theater looks like. 

Thursday night in Westwood Village. Back in the 1980's, people drove in from the Inland Empire and up from Orange County to "experience" the atmosphere of Westwood on a Friday or Saturday night. While in many ways a shadow of it's former self, thanks to it's proximity to UCLA, it can still be an enjoyable to  walk around, grab something to eat, see a movie, and experience a bit of Hollywood history - and Los Angeles. 

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