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Thursday, September 24, 2009

From the Hills of Westwood

I was at UCLA last night and caught this view from up near the dorms: Royce Hall (left) and Powell Library (right) with downtown Los Angeles, some twelve miles away, visible in the distance.
In terms of work, I'll be much more focused at UCLA this year. It was thirty years ago when I started as a student there. The campus has changed dramatically since then.
Fall Quarter began today, Thursday September 24th. The campus was packed - amazing place. I feel very fortunate to be there.
More soon.


koketsulee said...


Did you start at UCLA in 1979 as I did? September 24, 1979 (exactly 30 years ago from when school began this year) was my first class in Dodd Hall - Geography 5 - the beginning of our higher education and lifelong dedication to UCLA. Hail to the hills!!

David in Los Angeles said...

Steve - yes, started in the Fall of 1979. My parents were still living in the area, and I was living at home that first year, so it (unfortunately) felt like "13th grade." And my GPA reflected it! Really was glad to have been able to get the "college experience" Sophmore Year (Fall 1980) and beyond.

My first class was Econ 2, in Moore 100.

Thanks for nailing the exact date of when we started.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you guys can remember your first classes. I did take that Econ 2 class--but was that quarter #1? (Zag--can you remember, since you seem to have a better memory?) I do remember an absolutely terrible cultural anthro class that I think was that first quarter. Gene