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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Experiencing Los Angeles: Mercado La Paloma

Last month I had lunch in Los Angeles with a co-worked at Mercado La Paloma. 

Mercado La Paloma is located in a small industrial building, on the east side of the 110 Freeway, a couple of block from USC. 

Mercado La Paloma opened in 2004 as a urban foodcourt, plus a mix of small stores. 

There are eight different restaurant choices featuring either food from the US, Mexico, Central America, Thailand, and (above) Ethiopia. 

It really felt like an smaller, and more local version, of downtown Los Angeles' historic Grand Central Market. I'm a big fan of the Grand Central Market, but but Mercado La Paloma was certainly not as difficult to get to or move around. 

My coworker Brian, working as a campus minister at USC, opted for Chichen Itza and their yummy pork dish. Great food and great value. 

We hit the lunchtime rush, but it was still pretty easy to find a seat. 

Many thanks to Brian for introducing me to new corners of Los Angeles. Previous highlights have included dinner with his family in the Arts District, and Ignatius Cafe, located a mile west of USC. 

One of the walls in the dining area featured a display of posters focusing on Health Activism and Social Justice. 

Similar in many ways to the "Prison Nation" exhibition at Pierce College in Valley from earlier this year. 

Social conservatives railed against the evils of tobacco for decades, but it was alongside Democrat Bill Clinton twenty years ago that real progress was made in curtailing cigarette usage in the US.  

Statistics regarding health care in the US. While this blog tends to steer clear of politics, perhaps a more foundational question - regardless of one's political affiliation - should be "why is health care in the US so incredibly expensive?"

In addition to the eight restaurants, Mercado La Paloma has a handful of small shops, featuring hand crafted items. 

Some information on Mercado La Paloma in both English and Spanish. A list of the shops, restaurants, and other information be found on their website

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