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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sinclair Dino Mart, East Los Angeles

Coming up the Santa Ana Freeway a few weeks back, just southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, we stopped off for gas in East Los Angeles at the Sinclair gas station. 

The owners took the Sinclair "dinosaur" theme - and took it to the next level. Love it. 

The entire station has been covered by a massive "dino" themed mural. 

The prehistoric gas station attendant speaking Spanish. A rough translation (thanks, google translation) is " Sometimes I want to go very far then I remember that I do not have gasoline and I pass."

The mural continued out into the parking lot. 

Love the mix with the landscaping. 

Another view. 

Love the palm trees. 

Most of this blog is "stuck" on the westside. There's a whole 'nother world of Los Angeles that I've sadly never explored - including East Los Angeles. 

A final view, with our Honda Accord getting gassed up. Happy motoring. 

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