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Friday, July 10, 2015

Zach King at Biola University: "Invisible Man" video

Here's a post of student filmmaker Zach King's "Invisible Man" video. Clocking in at just under a minute, it's very fun and very creative. 

Zach King is a 25 year old film maker, based in Los Angeles. Here's a link to his website: King Film School. 

The video was filmed on the Biola University campus. Biola is a Christian liberal arts university, located approx 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. 

photo credit: Biola University
If you live in Southern California, perhaps you've seen Biola's recent promotional campaign: "Think Biblically About Everything" - the idea that Scripture impacts all of life, not simply religious things. 

photo credit:

Little known fact: the large, neon "Jesus Saves" sign a top the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles ...

photo credit:
 ... was originally part of Biola University at the school's original location in downtown L.A. at Sixth and Hope. Here's what the school looked like up until the 1950's Biola relocated to the 95 acre La Mirada campus in 1959. 

My personal connection is that I attended and received my graduate degree from Biola back in 1990. Certainly a different experience than my earlier undergraduate days at UCLA

Nice work, Zach King. Just another part of experiencing Los Angeles. 

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