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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Experiencing L.A. - Drillbit Taylor Movie Shoot (Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades)

Ever see the 2008 film "Drillbit Taylor"? Yeah, I missed it, too. 

For our family, experience L.A. often meant experiencing a movie shoot.

My kids, and and 5 and 8 at the time, and I were in Temescal Canyon Park in nearby Pacific Palisades and  stumbled across a film called "Drillbit Taylor" being filmed.

If my kids look bored - it's because they were. For them, walking around a set - with nothing going on - was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

It was interesting for me as an adult to see this park tranformed into an on-location set. The director was takling with the cameraman for a few minutes - so everyone else was on hold.

There are a lot - I mean a lot - of people on the payroll. How much does something like this cost per hour? How much does a 10 minute break cost so that the director can have a little chat with the cameraman? Of course, that didn't keep me from taking a few photos.

Apparently, before 9/11, the Los Angeles Film Permit Office had daily on-line list of every movie, TV show, or commercial being filmed in L.A. If you were visiting Los Angeles, even for just a few days, could drive over and see a real movie being filmed.

People visit L.A. from all over the world, hoping to see a bit of the real Hollywood. How cool is it to say "I saw a movie being filmed"? Even if it's something you never get around to actually watching?

I guess you could make the arguement that if you happen to "by chance" come across an on-location film crew, it makes it even more special.

If you happen to see a large yellow sign with a strange title, most likely it's pointing to a movie shoot. Here's a few examples I pulled off the internet.

No guarantees, but a good place to start. Have fun.

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