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Saturday, June 5, 2010

John Wooden 1910-2010

UCLA legend John Wooden died Friday June 4th here in Los Angeles. He was 99.

Considered by many to be the greatest coach ever, Wooden led UCLA's men's basketball team to 10 national championships, including an astonishing seven straight from 1967 - 1973, a stretch that included 88 consecutive victories.

As columnist Mark Moring wrote, "That’s how he’s most remembered. But perhaps he’ll be best remembered as a mentor, a friend, a loving husband and father, and a source of endless wisdom and grace to hundreds of players, thousands of coaches, and millions of fans and admirers through the decades and around the world.

what a privilege it was for me to meet Coach John Wooden back in 1995

Wooden has long said that his wisdom came primarily from two sources—his earthly father, Joshua Wooden, and from his heavenly Father."

According to a wikipedia article, "He was a Christian for many years and his beliefs were more important to him than basketball, "I have always tried to make it clear that basketball is not the ultimate. It is of small importance in comparison to the total life we live. There is only one kind of life that truly wins, and that is the one that places faith in the hands of the Savior."

Wooden's faith strongly influenced his life. He read the Bible daily and attended the First Christian Church. He said that he hopes his faith is apparent to others, "If I were ever prosecuted for my religion, I truly hope there would be enough evidence to convict me."

There was more than enough evidence.

John Wooden: a life placed in the hands of the Savior Jesus Christ.

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