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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Getty Center, Los Angeles (Part II)

Despite the strict "no photography" policy inside the Leonardo da Vinci galleries (see previous post) it was incredible and worth a visit. Afterwards, we headed outside to explore.

Even if you don't like artwork, it's worth a trip to the Getty Center just to see the gardens and - on a clear day - the view. Especially true if you have kids.

The water display and maze. Pretty cool.

There is an incredible display of flowers, with lots of people enjoying (and photographing) them.

Including yours truly. These are some sort of exotic red and black poppies. Our kids liked walking around and exploring.

Before heading home, we walked through several other galleries, and stopped off to see a personal favorite: "Christ and the Adulteress."

I continue to find this painting by Valentin de Boulogne moving.

Here are a few thoughts "Finding Christ at the Getty" from a previous visit. 

We thought we'd only be there 90 minutes - we ended staying close to four hours.

It's an amazing place, and worth a visit.

Admission is always free, and Saturday night they even waive the normal parking fee of $15.

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